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How does this work? A basic run-down of what to expect when you invest in professional real estate photography with FourFootPhotography:

The Contact - Use the contact form on the site,, call or text at 360.551.2923 to set up a time to photograph the property. If I am shooting or driving I cannot answer immediately, but I will respond as soon as I can. Text messages are generally easiest if you are comfortable with that.

The Expectations -  Plan 30-60 minutes onsite, depending on the size, readiness and complexity of the property. See the "Preparations" section for tips on how to optimize the space for photographs. If less is more, way less is way more! De-clutter, hide away pet and personal items, check the lightbulbs, move cars out of the driveway and hide the trash cans. It is not uncommon to shuffle boxes between rooms, don't get hung up on little things. 3D and video require more time onsite.

The Day  - As I often arrive directly from another property there is an arrival window of 10 minutes on either side of the appointment. I do my best to keep you apprised of my ETA, and offer the same to you. Sometimes people just aren't ready and that is no problem. We can always reschedule, grace goes a long way.

The Wait - Is not long at all! I will carefully select the best images to enhance for viewing, they will be edited and digitally delivered the next day. If Saturday appointments are necessary, images will be delivered late Sunday or first thing Monday morning.

The After - Images, slideshows and 3D tours are digitally delivered. You can pay in person, by mail, or I will invoice you. Please send me your listing or tag me in it so I can share away!