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Remember, do the best you can! I do this every day, you will get no judgment from me! Our goal is to make your home look as bright and inviting as possible so that potential buyers can envision themselves in the space. De-cluttering is the best thing you can do. Less is more, and you are moving - so go ahead and pack things up!  If you have time, sweep and vacuum, wash the windows and make the kitchen and bathrooms sparkle.

Living and family rooms:

-Arrange furniture -Fluff pillows, remove throws 

-Clear end tables and coffee tables

-Stash toys in bins


-Clear counters to emphasize workspace

-Put away small appliances and knives

-Hide pot holders, towels, dish drainers

-Clear the top and front of the refrigerator


Dining Room:

-Clear and straighten table and chairs, remove boosters

-Set table and add flowers or a bowl of lemons



-Make beds and straighten pillows

-Clear bedside tables

-Clear clothes and clutter from floor

- Remove decor with children’s names



.-Toilet seats down, plunger/brushes hidden

 -Toothbrushes and personal items stowed away

 -Hide soaps and scrubbies under sinks

 -Remove soap bottles, toys, scrubbies from showers or close curtain

 -Clean mirrors and wipe horizontal surfaces

 -Fresh towels neatly hung



   -Move vehicles 

   -Sweep decks and patios

   -Arrange deck furniture

   -Remove hoses, toys, seasonal decor, debris

   -Water lawn if summer

   -Trim overgrown bushes

   -Mow and rake

   -Wash windows if possible

   -Bright seasonal flowers and hanging baskets in season

The Day of Your Photoshoot:

Check/change lightbulbs (white preferred, same color throughout), clear horizontal surfaces, remove personal pictures and any personal/valuable items you do not want photographed - tablets, phones, jewelry, prescription medications, weapons. Turn on all lights and lamps. Close the windows. Turn off all televisions/computer screens. Open curtains and blinds (unless it looks right into a neighboring property). Turn on fireplaces if applicable. Close toilet lids. Park all vehicles in the garage or down the street. Hide all evidence of pets - dishes, food, toys, bed, leashes.